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We apply best cloud-based business models tailored specifically for every use case. From basic website hosting to mega cloud architectures

Einfach Tech

We Cover All Aspects of Business

Enhanced Collaboration, Data Security, Full accounting and much more. From the personalised dashboard to cloud SaaS integration.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing saves businesses time and money by boosting productivity, improving collaboration, and promoting innovation

Accounting & Marketing

Setup and Integrate cloud-based apps covering CRMs, accounting, marketing with full end to end testing and automation

Dashboard and Subscription

Apply personal dashboard design for your ongoing sales and marketing, provides much insights to ongoing automation

Get Start Easily with basic plan

A cloud-based business requires modern framework website, CRM system, Accounting Apps and managed automated support

Onboard with Ease

Get innovative website designs made with best practices and lifetime free hosting

Easy Marketing

Easy Marketing

Get a CRM system best suited for your business attached with internal workflows and Email automation

Manage Subscriptions

Manage recurring payments of your clients, send invoices, setup free trials and much more

Manage Subscriptions

Thousands of Happy Customers Covering hundreds of Web apps

Web Applications || Business || Commerce || Marketing || Sales || CRM || 24*7 Support

Simple Pricing for Small Business




Lifetime free hosting

Customized CRM Setup

Regular Support

Marketing Automations

SaaS Integrations

Subscriptions / Accounting




Free Design and Hosting

CRM setup and integration

Regular Support

Marketing Automations

Custom SaaS Integrations

Subscriptions and Accounting




Complete Online Setup

Advance Cloud Setup

Dedicated Support

Advance Marketing Automations

Custom SaaS Integrations

Subscriptions, Accounting and IT

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you provide for early stage startups ?

We attach free webpage design, provide lifetime free hosting, setup CRM system, basic accounts, and one domain related system like PMS or LMS etc

Do you provide assistance on already built architecture ?

We will optimize your ongoing architecture with better and logical integration and also provide essential free and paid options to further improve Cloud setup

What kind of marketing activities you offer ?

Some of the trends includes blogs environment setup, SEO setting, Email automation, promo codes, webshop integrations

I have concerns about security ?

We only provide initial business setup over various paid platforms, once all accounts are setup and integrated, you will be sole owner of handling all accounts

What do you provide in Email Automations ?

For every new user, we fetch all details from tracking APIs account, create a CRM database and schedule different kinds of Email according to occasions and events.

What kind of businesses you support ?

In the basic plan, all kinds of business are supported. In advance we need to analyze custom requirement then we create a whole architecture to launch product or service. By any chance, if models don't fit, We don't charge anything for analysis

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